What is R.A.S ?

"Real Artistic Ship"

It is a innovative Ship Which Aims to moves at Place which is full of innovations, Talents,Artists,Passionates. It Has motive to Spread innovation and Passion at all 7 Continents. Thats Why It is now Started Journey From Asia Continent and Aim to Cover all Continents as soon as possible. It Contains lots of Artists, Pirates,Ninjas,innovators and Passionates.


Being Pirate is very Beneficial

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There are Two Main Qualities which We have are as follows

Expertise from Brain

We are very Expertise Team in terms of Skills which we use in providing services Which makes us more innovative,flexible and Insanely great.

Innovation by Heart

Innovation is Our Core Value We Build Products From the Heart with a primlary focus on Innovation and Creativity.


"Always be Yourself, Unless You can be a pirate. Then Always be a Pirate.""

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Quotes from the "Real Artistic Ship"

  • "Good ARTIST is Copy, Great ARTIST is Steal"

    Pablo Picasso
    Lengendary Artist
  • "It is More Fun to be a PIRATE, then to join the Navy."

    Steve Jobs
    Legenday innovator
  • "Now and Then,We had a hope that if we lived and we were Good then God Would Permits us to be Pirates."

    Mark Twain
    Legendary Author

Why R.A.S?

  • History

    R.A.S is a very Innovative Concept. It Comes From Legendary Innovator and Former C.E.O of APPLE INC i.e "STEVE JOBS". His Belive was that Every Human Being is an Artist. Artist is a Indiviual Who Create Something, Who think out of the Imgination.He Started this Culture in His Company and Our Aim to Take this Culture More and More Ahead.

  • Approach

    Our Approach is to world is very Different. We are Pratically Spirituals so, we see the world Very Differently. We belive in Changing the world.

  • Culture

    Here, Culture is very Different. There is always cool and innovative Environment. Every one Intreact with Each other. Learn from Others and Build Innovation Simultenously.

  • Method

    Our Working Method is Very Different from Others.We are Passionates, Workholic(Pirate) and also Innovator (Artist). So, we Work very Hard but in very Cool and innovative manner. We work approximately 90 Hours a week Straight.Thats we are called "Pirate". And we build very Innovative Products. Thats why we ar called "ARTIST". and We also faught against Crime. Thats we are called "Ninja".

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Steve Jobs on Artist.



Cyber Ninjas

Cyber Ninjas are those who Faught again Cyber Crimes. They are Expertise in thier field and they work very passionately.

Mobile Pirates

Mobile Pirates are Mobile Enthusists who are hacking new mobile Technologies and developing innovative mobile apps for security purpose.

Coding Pirates

Variant has been recognised as one of the most flexible, easy to use HTML page builders - it was even featured on Product Hunt!

Graphics Pirates

Graphics Pirates are those who think like an artist and convert thier imagination into reality through graphics,animation etc. they input their feelings into the image.

Corporate Pirates

Corporate Pirates are those who are Experinced in Coporate world from inside out and able to take best decesion of the coporate world.

Market Pirates

Market Pirates are those who understand Market from Inside out and ability to crack the market. They are making very innovative marketing Strategious here.

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