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Cyber Crime Investigation

A unique, process driven approach to delivering outstanding results for our Customers.

Website Crime Investigation

websites act as the source of information for the end user. Due to such a tremendous significance websites are constantly under the attack.

Social Crime Investigation

TechEra has a pool of experts who are rich in dealing with social crimes and taking prompt actions with the help of investigation.

Email Crime Investigation

We have spontaneous expertise at TechEra profound with E-mail crime investigation at your disposal.

Server Attacks

TechEra deals with server attacks with the help of the white collars contributing to the optimum efficiency.

Bank & Finicial Fraud

TechEra renders timely help in bank fraud investigation as wide use of online banking has led to be an enticement for sophisticated hackers.

Cyber Harresment

TechEra provides help for the victims of cyber harassment keeping in mind how sensitive is the data exchanged.

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Our Process


First Step is Submittion. In this, We take Cyber Crime Case from Victim through offline as well as online and We fill the form of N.D.A from the victim. This Process is 100% Official and Legal.Then Forward it to Investigation Team.


Second Step is Investigation. In this. Crime Investigatation Team take and review case from inside out and try to solve as soon as possible and if case solve then it forward it to Report Team for final process.


Final step is Report Creation. In this, Report team take raw report from Investigation team and review it carefully. After Reveweing They create final report and give back to us and we give to victim.

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