"Innovative,Cool & Insanely Great".

TechEra Securities is innovative in its Products, Cool in its Culture and Insanely Great in its vision.


Steve Jobs on Innovation.

"Innovation Distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

TechEra Securities Provides Best Services and Deliver Best Product with High End Technology and Deeply Innovation to Secure Our Era...

Expertise from Brain

We are very Expertise Team in terms of Skills which we use in providing services Which makes us more innovative,flexible and Insanely great.

Innovation by Heart

Innovation is Our Core Value We Build Products From the Heart with a primlary focus on Innovation and Creativity.


Get started with Our First Innovative Product

We've built this Product to provide Security to all Networks in More Informative and Innovative Manner.


"wow!!! Tech port Scanner is one of the best port scanner I ever seen. It Scans all 65 Thousands ports at once.I recommed This Product to everyone in this industry. Keep it up TechEra Securities."

Chis Woods - Former CSO,HP

People just like you are already loving TechEra

  • TechEra Securities are Doing Great in thier Innovative Products and also in thier Services

    Dr. V.A Shiva Ayyadurrai
    Inventor of E-MAIL.
  • wow!!! Tech port Scanner is one of the best port scanner I ever seen. It Scans all 65 Thousands ports at once.I recommed This Product to everyone in this industry. Keep it up TechEra Securities.

    Chris Woods
    Former C.S.O, HP
  • TechEra is Really doing well. I Congratulate TechEra on its First Innovative Product.

    Rajesh Saini
    EX VP,Reliance Infra Pvt ltd.
  • People at TechEra are very Intelligent,Experts and Experinced. They Found out so many loopholes in our Website, I really Looking Forward.

    Kalpesh Mehta
    Founder,Tribeca Developers.
  • TechEra Securities are capable to handle any types of Cyber Security cases. They are very Experinced and Strategic in thier Approach

    Sachin Sathe
    Founder, Fornsec Solutions.

Why TechEra?

  • History

    TechEra means "Technological Genration". this name is given because This is techno Generation beacuse every one is Surrounded by Technology. but, as Technolgy are increases, Missuse of technology are also increases.Thats why to overcome this major issue, we taken this initaive by which we are trying to contribute as much as possible.

  • Approach

    Our Approach is to world is very Different. We are Pratically Spirituals so, we see the world Very Differently. We belive in Changing the world.

  • Culture

    Here, Culture is very Different. There is always cool and innovative Environment. Every one Intreact with Each other. Learn from Others and Build Innovation Simultenously.

  • Method

    Our Working Method is Very Different from Others.We are Passionates, Workholic(Pirate) and also Innovator (Artist). So, we Work very Hard but in very Cool and innovative manner. We work approximately 90 Hours a week Straight.Thats we are called "Pirate". And we build very Innovative Products. Thats why we ar called "ARTIST". and We also faught against Crime. Thats we are called "Ninja".

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Dangerous of mobile use while charging

We make this Video to show how more Dangerous Using of Mobile Phones While Charging.

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Our Specilities


In day to day life of a indiviual, Products can play a major role. Fortunetly, We have our Core Intreast in Product. and we also have very innovative ideas and concept regarding this. Thats why we think to take this ahead.


Service is another core area, where we are intreasted to serve our services to the society and aim to make cyber crime free society through our services.


Initatives are always important for the Betterment of our Society. Initative is the sector where we can do anyhting innovative which is beneficial to our society, Thats why we Already taken many Initatives and tey are running well.

Our Key Features


We have Expertise in Technical Skills which help us to build the Products just we imagine.

Trusted & Elite

Our work has been Trusted and Endorsed by Many Gaint Companies and Every Single Client.


Innovation is our key factor for the success. We are team of vey innovative geeks.

24*7 Support

We aim to support you in a timely and effective manner via our dedicated support system. Our Supprt is available 24*7.

Flexible Work Style

We have very Flexibility in our Work style.But we Deliver services to the Client according to their Expectations.

Built for Performance

Performance is in our D.N.A. We Known for our Work which improves our Performance by Day-by-Day.

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